[Webinar] Matrix Security
Plug your analyst into Demisto for maximized product ROI

It’s the same problem, different day.

Organizations face a shortage of cybersecurity talent, a growing volume of attacks, and an infinite quantity of signals to monitor. It’s difficult to prioritize the barrage of cyber threats.

But there’s hope. Join this webinar to learn how you can:

  • Provide security analysts with the tools necessary to fly their plane (SOC) correctly,
  • Enable a cockpit (single-source of truth) for the security analyst, and
  • Create an entire self-defending ecosystem where analysts intervene on sophisticated alerts only, not the noise.

We look forward to seeing you there. But if you can’t make it, register anyway to get the recording and the slides.

Webinar Timing

  • Date: Tuesday, May 22
  • Time: 11 am Pacific (2 pm Eastern)
  • Duration: 45 minutes


Rishi Bhargava
Jon Oltsik

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